Palm Springs Delightful

Palm Springs is always a swell time.  I always find myself terribly hot, but so amused and content by my surroundings of midcentury modern chic.  Always inspired by my surroundings, I take design direction from the environment around me whether  it's nature or bold prints.  The Viceroy is always a nice boutique spot and the ladies on this August trip happily appreciated the Sovereign villa we stayed in not to mention steps away from Chi Chi!  Our home away from home!  We enjoyed our time on the Parker grounds, everyone's fav takes on a 70's vibe designed by Jonathan Adler. As you can see our Jendarling shoe bags fit quite in at the new Avalon, previously Viceroy.  Cin Cin! 


Hey kids!  Into fashion? Curious about the entrepreneurial journey? FebClubSF, along with our friends at Marine Layer, is hosting an evening dedicated to San Francisco-based fashion brands. Yay!  

FebClubSF is a brillant idea stemming from founders Becky Rauth (Bonmot!) and Morgan Robertson - it's actually a Yale tradition, FebClub that is.  Already, FebclubSF has brought us fun events with the Real, Real, (my place for real scores!) Soulcycle, Natalie Bowen Designs and others ...Make sure to sign up to receive their emails you have about a week left of the curated series to connect and explore.

You’ll shop and listen as founders from cool brands Stevie Howell,Bonmotyours truly - Jendarling and Marine Layer speak about what it takes to turn your passion into a business. Nicole Perlroth, a San Francisco based reporter for The New York Times who wrote the first major profile of Nasty Gal founder Sofia Amoruso and has also profiled Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, will be moderating. RSVP.  

Libations, refreshments and lite bites will be on hand.  We hope to see you there!

~ Jen 

Closet Envy

I remember growing up, my closet was painted a blue hue with built in steps for shoe organization.  I loved it!  Cleaning it, organizing it, visiting it.  It's one of the reasons why I created Jendarling, stylish bags for the closet.  Inside and out!  At 26, living on my own in the Marina district of San Francisco (also home to LARGE walk-in closets) I had my first big one - a walk-in closet!  A closet you can sleep in?  Take it.  It was also the closet that helped me launch my first garment bag designs.  Many walk-in's later, paired with garment bags - I still dream and envy closets and what's inside.  Here's a few swoon worthy closets from Kelly Wearstler to  Aerin Lauder - these ladies closets are worth aspiring to.  Check out our favorites via Pinterest 


All about that garment bag

Plastic, always gets a bad wrap.  It does not store our cherished clothing items well and it's not breathable for the long haul.  True, a free garment bag when shopping is a perk and sometimes is reused as there are not a lot of options.  Garment bags come in all kinds of materials, we think that cotton is best. Although Jendarling garment bags are our bread and butter of what we do -  we admit, garment bags are not sexy.  It's not always top of mind.  But they sure do help out! A lot designers make an effort to create good ones that can go from point A to B that come with the dress as seen below.  For the long haul, we prefer our cotton ones best.  

Garment bags on the street ... here's our garment street style favs w/ some pretty cool ladies.